Five cool things you can do with Turbine

Written by Maddy Leslie

There are loads of cool things you can do with Turbine, from approving expenses to managing time-off requests. We're always listening to your requests and making improvements. Promise! Sometimes it's the little changes that can make a huge impact on your experience. Here are some features you may not know about:

Import your team’s time-off calendar

You can link Turbine with Outlook, Google or Apple Calendar so you can see your employee time-off calendar in the applications you use every day. It automatically updates if people’s plans change or they cancel their bookings.

Here's what the time-off requests look like in Turbine (you can also view it as a list):

Here's how it looks in Outlook:

Five cool things you can do with Turbine - Employee time off calendar from Turbine in Outlook

Integrate Turbine with Zapier

We all have our quirks. Zapier allows you to create automated workflows, connecting thousands of apps together so you can work in your own way. From Paypal to Slack to GitLab to Basecamp, Zapier lets one app talk to another. Simply get the Zapier code from your Turbine account and Zapier does the rest. For Turbine, this could mean creating a 'To-do' in Basecamp for purchase orders or expenses:

free time-off request form

Approve Turbine requests in Slack

We love Slack. We use it all the time. Sometimes, even if you work remotely like we do, you need a little break and a chat around the water-cooler. Slack lets you have different channels for conversation within the business, as well as direct messaging and integrated video conferencing. It can also be a great way to receive automated messaging without filling up your inbox. We've even put a button into the message so you can approve requests without having to log into Turbine.

Check it out:

Add custom fields

We want Turbine to be tailored to your needs. You can add custom fields to the employee database and purchase or expense requests. This could be text fields, or even due-by-dates. It's up to you.

Here's what it looks like:

Add your staff handbook to Turbine

It just makes sense. If you have policies regarding holiday requests, you want your employees to be able to have that information to hand when they book time off. The staff handbook option is flexible, so you can integrate a link to a PDF or company intranet, or you can make use of the feature that lets you put your handbook right into Turbine. You can create different pages so it's easy to navigate, and you can edit the text within Turbine as well.

Here's an example:

We're working on other enhancements and new features for the year ahead. Watch this space!

[Note: a version of this blog post was originally published 2nd November 2012 but has been updated in 2018 with lots of new content.]

free time-off request form

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