Adding and editing suppliers

This article explains how to add and edit suppliers.

Who can create new suppliers?

On accounts created before May 2014, only admins can add new suppliers for expenses and purchase orders. 
After that date, by default, any employee can add a supplier using this button on the purchase or expense form.

How to stop or allow users adding suppliers

  1. Login as an admin user.
  2. On the Settings menu, select Purchases and expenses.
  3. Tick or untick the checkbox marked 'Users can add suppliers'.

  1. Click Save changes.

Showing or hiding suppliers

To move a supplier from the inactive list to the active list:

  1. Log in as an admin user
  2. Select Purchases and Expenses from the Settings menu
  3. Click Edit suppliers
  4. Click Show inactive suppliers
  5. Inactive and user-created suppliers are shown in grey
  6. To move one of these suppliers to the master list, click on the pencil next to the name
  7. Untick the Inactive supplier box
  8. Click Save changes

To move an active supplier to the inactive list, do the same thing but tick the Inactive supplier box.

Note that it is not possible to delete suppliers permanently because their information may be embedded in a previously-approved purchase or expense request.