Why every small business needs an HR system

Written by Claire Poskitt

But why are HR systems necessary for small businesses? And how do they outweigh sticking to traditional, manual processes? Look no further; we’ve put together a list of reasons why every small business needs an HR system.

1. Convenience

A small business like yours may not have the capacity to hire, or maintain, an HR department. If this is the case, an HR system can help to fill the skills gap and ensure you’re not wearing too many hats.

What’s more, reducing the need for a dedicated department and investing in a self-service electronic HR solution allows your employees to get back to their more pressing job roles. This, in turn, can help to boost your workplace productivity and efficiency.

2. Cost-cutting

Buying paper, printer ink and other office supplies each month can amount to a lot of money, regardless of your business size. The average company sees a 25 percent increase in paper usage per year. Although it may not seem like a hefty amount of money right now, these costs mount up. And, well, you could be spending this cash on much more important business processes.

An HR system can allow your business to cut costs that would traditionally be spent on unnecessary office supplies. Instead, your HR processes can be dealt with cleanly, simply and cheaply through an online tool.

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3. Quicker processes

How long does it take to approve simple time off, expense or purchase requests? Manual approval processes can take a long time, and the multiple hurdles your employees have to jump over can become tiresome.

Keeping your records online and providing your employees with a ‘self service’ option for their HR-related requests can help to quicken processes.

4. Track insights

Keeping your time-off, expenses and invoice data all in one place allows you to analyse trends. This can help you keep track of employee wellbeing, such as noting an employee who has taken several sick days in the last few months, and investigate to see if there is a deeper underlying issue.

What’s more, if you ever require your data for legal or internal reasons, you needn’t have to scavenge through endless stacks of paper, filing cabinets or office bins to access it.

5. Environmentally friendly

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. More worryingly, 45 percent of the overall office paper is thrown away within the same day of use. This is neither economic or sustainable.

Let’s be honest, the environment could use a helping hand or two. Using an HR system allows your business to reduce your carbon footprint and help cut down on paper waste. If you’d like to see how much of an environmental impact your paper use is making, take a look at this paper calculator. There’s always room for improvement!

Go 100 miles/HR

(Forgive me for the awful pun.)

When it boils down to it, streamlining your HR processes can be fairly difficult to do manually. Investing in an online HR system could save you time, money and a lot of hassle. So, why not give it a go? Try Turbine for free today and discover how your small business could improve its HR processes.

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