Robots won’t replace you: here’s how to future-proof your HR position

94 percent of corporate leaders in seven countries are looking to use automation to increase business...
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Someone ducking the bill? Find out if purchase orders are legally binding

Has an unreliable supplier let you down? Are late orders backing up the system? Are your ears still...
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Zapier and Turbine: A match made in heaven

The automation tool that’s been sweeping the application nation is now paired with Turbine. Everyone...
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What are purchase orders used for?

Purchase orders, sent from a buyer to a vendor, are documents needed to authorise a purchase. But, a PO...
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What does a strong business plan look like?

The content of your business plan will generally depend on the type of company you intend to set up, but...
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5 benefits to adopting flexible working practices at your business

But, flexible working can lead to quite the opposite. Take it from us. Turbine is a completely remote...
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Here’s how agile working can work for the C-suite

Executives must be seen to be heard. They must watch the fingers typing and hear the rumbles of teamwork....
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4 examples of businesses who have made agile working work

However, many businesses are put off the idea of telecommuting because of common misconceptions....
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What is meant by business expenditure and how can you keep track of it?

In the beginning, it can be hard to know what is deemed expenditure and what isn't, especially if you’re...
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10 quick to-do list tips for better time management

To-do lists. Some people swear by them. Some write them down just to ignore them. Others are so far out...
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