What James Dyson can teach us about perseverance and innovation

The Dyson DC01 isn’t much to look at. Its bright yellow and slate grey in colour. Let’s be...
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What to look for when hiring new employees

Hiring new employees is an important part of running and growing a business. But it can be...
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23 ways to save your business money

Without balancing the books, your business will fail. And looking for ways to cut costs can be...
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Hiring from anywhere: why you shouldn't let geography get in the way of good employees

Remote working. Is it the preserve of the fabled ‘digital nomad’ or can it work for your...
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How to reinvigorate the human side of human resources

Human resources needs to take the lead in creating and encouraging a culture of collaboration...
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'Where are you?!' Managing a distributed workforce effectively

At a time when most work doesn't happen at work, but rather on the road, at home and across...
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How to make a budget that people actually use

Accountants and financial directors know how to wield a spreadsheet. You can build a financial...
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Anything we can do, droids can do better: the realities of workplace automation

Marty McFly should have been whizzing around on his hover board by October 2015. Although...
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10 helpful cloud applications for finance

You and your employees are working from different offices, from home or in the field because...
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Get a grip on purchasing: 9 things you need to do now

To get a grip on purchasing, you can’t just cut the budget and call it even.
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