The top 5 HR blogs you need to be reading in 2019

The human resources industry has seen a lot of change this year. The introduction of artificial...
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How to tell if a company is good at business innovation or just good at PR

‘Business innovation’ has become more than a buzzword. It’s turned into a buzz-concept that...
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Purchase order faux pas: 7 mistakes employees make when submitting a purchase request

What was once a mild irritation has now caused the death of yet another stress ball. You’ve...
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Buying from abroad: Will Brexit affect relationships with international suppliers?

Ah, the ‘B’ word. Whether you voted for it or against it, there’s no denying that Brexit has...
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Employee onboarding: Everything you need to know

Companies with a structured employee onboarding process have found that their new hires are 54...
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Will virtual reality revolutionise the workplace of the future?

More than one billion people will have regular access to virtual reality (VR) by 2020. We can...
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The ultimate guide to automating business processes

Automating business processes is on the side of the angels. The robot angels, that is. We’re not...
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9 management blogs to build your leadership skills

  [Updated 31st October 2017] As a manager, you are expected to give advice, guidance,...
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10 surprising examples of AI in everyday life

When AI isn’t thrashing us as what we do best – such as Google’s AI beating a top human player...
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Talking to vendors: 10 quick tips for getting it right

When you take on the role of the customer, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how important the ...
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