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11 essential HR blogs

The human resources industry has seen a lot of change this year. The introduction of artificial...
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The best 18 companies who will (probably) hire remote workers in 2020

70 percent of workers worldwide work remotely at least one day per week.
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8 tips for improving your expense management

Is your business splashing out a little too much lately? Are you finding it increasingly difficult ...
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5 essential rules for managing your travel costs effectively

Business travel is on the up and up. It’s been a slow-growing area of business ever since the 2008...
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Ethical sourcing: Are your POs as green as they could be?

If the first rule of business is to ‘stay in business’, surely a long-term business strategy goes...
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The 4 benefits of using productivity tools in your business

It turns out that our 40-hour week is not as productive as we think it is. A trial undertaken by...
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11 ways to kill your company culture (and destroy employee productivity)

94 percent of executives believe that a strong company culture helps business success. But how...
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The 5 best real-life examples of company culture

Company culture has become a vital consideration when looking for a new job. In fact, in 2018, 46...
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5 ways to work smarter

There were 5.7 million small businesses registered at the start of 2018 in the UK. A staggering...
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The advantages and drawbacks of agile working

Agile working has hit the ground running recently. Businesses have decided to adopt this trend in...
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