70 percent of workers worldwide work remotely at least one day per week.


We’re not surprised. There are plenty of reasons why remote working is so popular. For example, it helps employers save money on office-space, and it helps employees improve their work-life balance.


So, remote working is on the up, but which companies are the biggest fans of remote working?


Afterall, if you’re thinking about running or joining a remote business, you’ll want some examples of how it’s done well, right?


Here are 18 of the top companies that are hiring remote workers in 2020.


#1 Vodafone

To empower its staff and embrace its own mobile technology, Vodafone has a culture that encourages flexible working.


Their values of speed, simplicity and trust are all well-aligned with working in this way.


#2 Appen

As a technology services company, it makes sense for Appen to take advantage of forward-thinking beliefs like remote working.


Indeed, many businesses in the tech sector find that flexible working is a natural extension of how they work. If staff only need a laptop and an internet connection to do their job, why chain them to a desk?


#3 Rackspace

Rackspace helps businesses get the most from the cloud. So, using the cloud to help their staff get a better work-life balance makes sense.


Here’s their job board for a closer look at the roles they offer.


#4 Clevertech

Innovation and transformative tech are the name of the game at Clevertech.


That means that if you’re a software developer looking for a remote role, you’ll have a good chance of finding a home here.


#5 Unilever

According to their website, Unilever wants their staff to use, ‘adaptable working practices and technology to perform their job anywhere, at any time, as long as the needs of the business are met.’


Naturally, remote working is an important part of this philosophy.


#6 Kelly services

If you're looking for a job in human resources and staffing solutions, Kelly Services could be the company to apply to.


Example jobs roles include ‘contracts specialist’ and ‘quality assurance tester’.


#7 Articulate marketing

Turbine’s sister company, Articulate Marketing is made up of 100% remote workers. From website design to social media marketing, it’s a one-stop-shop for B2B marketing.


Here’s some of the Articulate secret sauce for successful remote working.


#8 Toptal LLC

Toptal prides itself on securing the top 3 percent of talent in software engineering, design, and finance. It’s a business that collects remote talent and then services large businesses.


Of course, when they can tap into a global workforce with remote working, they can find stronger talent.


#9 Thomson Reuters

The media and business information giant Thomson Reuters loves remote working. Yes, they have offices, but they also empower their staff to work at home when it suits them.


Here’s some advice they’ve shared to stay productive whilst remote working.


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#10 Dell

As a global computer and software company that prides itself on innovation, Dell is eager to jump on the remote working bandwagon.


They’ve grown their business by utilizing remote talent in emerging markets.


#11 Automattic

The team at Automattic are responsible for some of the biggest apps out there, such as WordPress.


But, to get the job done, they rely on remote and asynchronous working.


#12 Hotjar

Hotjar combines analysis and feedback tools to give an overview of how you can improve the user experience of your website. And, as an employer, they work 100 percent remotely.


#13 Telefonica

Telefonica is a communications business that believes in the power of mobility. They embrace mobile working and own the second largest mobile operator in the UK – O2.


#14 Buffer

Buffer believes in remote working so much they’ve gone fully remote. Over 60,000 paying customers use their social media management software. And, by going remote, they believe they can help foster inclusivity throughout their culture.


#15 Rosetta Stone

It’s hard not to admire the purpose of Rosetta Stone:


‘Rosetta Stone Inc. is dedicated to changing people’s lives through the power of language and literacy education.’


To help accelerate their work, they’ve embraced remote working. This makes it easier to find people with the language skills they need.


#16 Help Scout

As a remote-first business, Help Scout recognises the many benefits of remote working. Their goal is to build a world-class team to build the best customer support tools.


#17 Worldpay

The payment processing technology Worldpay uses flexible working to create a happier and more diverse culture. Indeed, staff often list the option to work flexibly as one of the most important benefits to their job-role.


#18 SAP

Providing a full range of enterprise software and services to a worldwide customer base is a challenge.


But it’s easier when you hire a workforce that’s also worldwide. Now, SAP can serve customers around the clock because they have staff in different time zones. It’s just another benefit of working flexibly.


Why not jump on the remote working bandwagon?

With 95 percent of remote workers encouraging friends and family to also work remotely, it’s clear that remote working isn’t a passing fad.


But, becoming a remote worker or creating a remote business isn’t all sunshine and lollipops.


There are plenty of challenges to working remotely whilst staying productive. For example, what software should you use? And, how do you manage your daily workflow effectively?


To learn more about how to run a remote business whilst staying productive, download our guide below.


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