Top 7 genuinely useful blogs for entrepreneurs

Written by Toby Knott

Being an entrepreneur and running a small business means wearing many hats. You need to juggle funding, business development, hiring, purchasing - the list goes on. If you're stuck in a rut or after some advice, read these six genuinely useful blogs for entrepreneurs.

Seth’s blog

Seth Godin blogs

Seth Godin’s blog is a mainstay of the business blogosphere, but it still feels something of a novelty. It reads a bit like Brian Eno's and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies cards. The posts are pithy and sometimes a bit abstract, but each one tends to offer a very succinct, useful lesson.

Steve Blank

Steve Blank

Steve Blank's blog isn't the prettiest of blogs to behold, nor the easiest to navigate, and there's quite a lot of material on defence (Blank worked repairing planes during the Vietnam War before breaking into tech). That said, the father of the lean startup movement has some real gold, including interviews with entrepreneurs and an excellent list of tools and resources for startups.

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Dr Jeff Cornwall

Jeff Cornwall

As co-founder of The Entrepreneurial Mind, serial entrepreneur and professor of entrepreneurship, Dr Jeff Cornwall knows a thing or two. His blog offers a host of short videos with Cornwall and guests answering practical questions like, "can I operate a business from my home?" and "how do I turn down a client?"

The Growth Guy

The Growth Guy

Here's another site that's nothing to look at, but has some good content and links for the entrepreneur. Verne Harnish is the "Growth Guy" columnist and founder of the Entrepreneurs' Organisation. His blog gives a weekly set of "headlines" that link to articles and insights from Harnish himself and other entrepreneurs.

Virgin Entrepreneur

Virgin blog

This blog from Virgin is mainly focused on building and shaping your brand. But it also has podcasts with other entrepreneurs and advice on how to run your business – everything from how to fund your business to marketing to millennials.

Mark Schaefer

Social media and marketing guru, Mark Schaefer writes a thoughtful and approachable blog. On topics from business management and marketing to personal commentaries on the relevant topic of the day, he has that unique ability to make you pause for thought.



I know, not strictly a blog, but the subreddits relevant to entrepreneurs and business contain some great advice from people in the same boat, and you might just find the answer to that nagging question. Have a look at r/advancedentrepreneur, r/entrepreneur, r/smallbusiness and r/startups to start.

Know of any other useful blogs? Share them in the comments below.

[This blog was originally published in 2016, but has been updated with new content in 2018]

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