3 things we hate about purchase orders

Written by Callum Sharp

There are 10 key steps in the purchase order process, according to Business Dictionary. At Turbine, we wholeheartedly disagree. Whether you’re sourcing a supplier or documenting an order, purchase orders shouldn’t be this complicated.

For many companies, red tape stands in the way of progress. Here are 3 things we hate about purchase orders, and what you can do to simplify them.

1.     1, 2, 3, 4-step approval processes

Approval is essential for purchase orders. When it comes to spending someone else’s money, it’s crucial to make sure you haven’t made a mistake. But the approval process should be no more than a single step.

At enterprise-level, purchase orders can go through multiple stages of approval before a purchase is made. Your boss, the finance department, business decision makers… Whoever you can think of probably wants to look at what you’re spending money on and have a say about it.

As understandable as this caution is, business’s hire employees based on one key trait: Trust. Employees are trusted that they’ll learn a job, that they’ll do that job well and that they’ll work hard every day. But for some reason, when it comes to money, that trust is absent. As a result, purchase orders become shrouded in red tape, limiting a business’s efficiency and an employee’s loyalty.

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2.   Paperwork

For some reason, we’re still printing pieces of paper, photocopying them for different departments to see and scanning them back into our computers to send to suppliers. In fact, a quarter of small business owners are still using fax machines.

In an age where technology can replace your paperwork, printing and faxing is an unnecessary evil. It’s outdated, filled with complications and often gets lost or sent to the wrong person.

Automated tools like Turbine eliminate the need for purchase order paperwork. With everything under one roof you can raise a purchase request and automatically have your boss approve or decline your order from the same portal. No printing, no paperwork.

3.   Lack of transparency

Because of paperwork, it’s difficult to follow a purchase order’s timeline. Different information is often sent to different people, and it over-complicates what should be a simple task. Transparency, then, is the answer.

Everyone involved in the purchase order process must be on the same page (pun intended). To improve this team collaboration and consequently the efficiency of the process, it requires technology.

Automate your purchase orders

Filling in purchase orders is menial. Approving purchase orders is tedious. With so much bureaucracy blocking something that should be quick and simple, reform is essential.

Automated technology software is the answer to this reform. They’re efficient, transparent and host everything under one roof. Instead of printing off a purchase order and sending it to the correct department, request a purchase online and the necessary approver will automatically receive a notification. With one click, you’re good to go.

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