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HR blogs: the top 5 you need to read in 2019

Callum Sharp
Written by Callum Sharp

The human resources industry has seen a lot of change this year. The introduction of artificial intelligence, machine learning and software-as-a-service products has made the industry more efficient and productive.


Hiring is easier. Managing expenses is easier. Filling in purchase order requests is easier. And there are a lot of HR blogs (like this one) that have documented the change.

For 2019, we expect to see automation technologies continue to improve HR, and we expect the best HR bloggers on the internet to keep us in the loop with new and emerging HR trends.

Here are the 5 best HR blogs you need to be following in 2019 so that you can keep up-to-date with the industry.

1.     HR bartender

Sharlyn Lauby built the HR bartender to give people a friendly place to discuss work issues. From understanding finance skills to deciphering whether technology will eventually replace people, Sharlyn’s blog has everything you need to read to stay informed about HR.

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A few favourites:

2.   Hppy

The Hppy blog is a HR and employee engagement ‘happiness’ community (see what they did with their name?). They write about the interview process, mentoring and workplace happiness, with topics like how to deal with stress at work. 

They have a lot of useful resources available, and they even have a page to help you find the right HR consultant for your business.

A few favourites:

3.   The Chief Happiness Officer blog

At Turbine, we have a Chief Happiness Officer. It’s Liz’s job to make sure we’re all, well, happy at work. This blog, then, particularly resonates with us.

There are some interesting reads on how to motivate employees. They also run surveys about happiness at the workplace and offer advice on how to deal with bad bosses.

A few favourites:

4.    The Namely blog

The Namely blog is a great read if you’re looking to keep up-to-date with breaking news in the HR industry, especially if you’re wanting to learn more about payroll, compliance and benefits.

They’re an American company, so a lot of what they write is about American HR problems (like how to support voting time off on election day), but they do have some interesting things to say about HR in 2019 already.

A few favourites:

5.   Workology

Workology’s blog is essential reading if you’re looking to develop your HR skills. They have white papers on how to pass your Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) certification, and write on everything from how SEO can be used to deepen your talent pools, to why quitting is the secret to ultimate productivity. We thoroughly recommend it if you’re after a little lunchtime reading.

A few favourites:

Learning from the HR community

I’ve feared for the safety of my job for a few years now. I hear stories of how AI robots can write better blog posts than humans, and how, eventually, the human blogger will die and the robot blogger will take over.

But the truth of the matter is vastly different. HR blogs will continue to be run by humans, for humans, and the industry will continue to hire human employees instead of robots. Reading HR blogs and supporting the HR community, then, is essential. At least, that’s what we here at Turbine believe. For more on HR, check out our blog here.

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